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Our Puppy Kindergarten program will jumpstart your pup's education and provide them with the social skills needed to be a well adjusted puppy. This all inclusive course will set up the foundation needed for your pup to be a well-mannered family member. This four week program will equip them with the crucial social and communication skills needed to grow into a confident young adult, able to interact appropriately with people and dogs alike.


During this all inclusive one month program, your puppy will:

  • Learn useful social skills in a small group setting with other puppies

  • Learn the fundamentals of basic obedience (Engagement, Place, Leash skills, Recall) 

  • Learn good household manners (puppy mouthing, leave it, no jump, proper greetings, etc.)

  • Work on confidence-building and social immersion exercises 

  • Engage in puppy enrichment activities.

We understand all puppies are different and we will do our best to customize each program to fit the personality of each pup.  Each program will include:

  • An in-person consultation prior to beginning the program. During which the head training will answer your questions and learn all about your your needs and your dogs needs in order to build a personalized program for you and your puppy.

  • A “"Check in" group class on the second Saturday to discuss your pup’s progress and answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing at home. 

  • A group “Go Home” lesson upon completing the course.

  • Four days per week Day-school attendance; every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for four consecutive weeks. Wednesdays and weekends are for puppy to rest, practice skills at home and bond with their family. That’s 16 days of specially-tailored training and fun socialization activities!

  • 10% off future training packages or group classes with Creekside Canine Training.

  • Access to our Puppy Kindergarten Client Only Facebook Group where you can ask our trainer questions at any time..

  • Access to handouts and videos reviewing the information covered during your pups four weeks working with us.

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