Creekside Canine offers a variety of group classes ranging from basic obedience to fun and games. All group classes are $220 (standard collars, clickers, tab leashes, back up clips included) for a six week course and the groups are purposefully kept small to insure plenty of individual attention.


Obedience 101- Six week course in which your dog will learn to heel, sit, place,  down, and recall as well as good manners on a beginner level.  During this course you will be educated on how to properly handle and communicate with your dog.

Obedience 102- Six week in which your dog will advance what they learned in the 101 course by applying the Three D's (distance, duration, and distraction) will be added to what your dog learned in the 101 class. In this class we will move outside of the training room and do hands on training through out Downtown Frederick.  Prerequisite: Obedience 101


Obedience 103 - Six week course in which obedience skills learned in the 101 and 102 class will be generalized, polished and perfected. In this program you dog will be conditioned to a clicker and this technique will be used to make your training more pristine and reinforce that is exciting and fun.

 Prerequisite: Obedience 103

Fun and Games - Six week course in which your dog will learn how to run a basic agility course. This not a competition agility class. It is simply an excellent bonding activity, while providing great mental and physical stimulation for your dog. No Prerequisites, but we recommend having some general obedience training. This class is seasonal and only run from April-July.

Group Combos


Half and Half

Three thirty minute private lessons + one group class


Obedience Bundle

Any two group classes combined


Fun & Games Bundle

Any general obedience class, followed by Fun and Games



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