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Puppy Social Club

*For standard five-six week Obedience and Fun and Games Group Classes, click here

 Puppy Social Club is a great way to introduce your dog to the world. This “open play” format is an opportunity to socialize them with people, dogs, and new stimuli in a safe and controlled environment. Owners stay with their puppies and our trained staff will help them understand what type of play is appropriate. Puppy Social Club is for puppies 12-26 weeks old. 

When: Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm

Cost: $10 suggested donation

* All proceeds go to the chosen rescue of the month

Walk-ins are welcome, but RSVP's are appreciated. Please note an RSVP does not reserve you a spot. Puppy Social Club is first come first serve. The RSVP's help us prepare and have a good idea as to what to expect in terms of attendance, as well as knowing who we should contact if Social Club gets canceled.

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Creekside Canine offers a variety of group classes ranging from basic obedience to fun and games. Classes are held once a week and are purposefully kept small to insure plenty of individual attention.

PUPPY PRE-K: Introduce your puppy to the world with our Puppy Pre-K program. Begin socializing and building their confidence while introducing basic concepts such as wearing a leash and responding to their name. This program is for dogs 10-16 weeks old. 


Upcoming classes: $200

February March 5th-March 26rd @ 7:00pm

OBEDIENCE 101: This is a basic course covering obedience fundamentals. The class will cover: Loose leash walk, place command, sit stay, leave it, and down stay. This is a six week program and is for dogs five months and older.

Upcoming classes: $220

March 12th-April 16th @ 11:00am

May 14th-June 18th @ 11:00am


OBEDIENCE 102: This intermediate course takes the information learned in Obedience 101 and advances it applying the concept of the "3 D's (distance, duration and distraction). In this class the recall or "coming when called" will be introduced as we all real world application. This is a six week program for dogs six months and older.

Pre-requisite: Obedience 101

Upcoming classes: $220

May 14th-June 18th @ 12:30


FUN & GAMES: In this class you will have the opportunity to explore fun enrichment activities such as agility and trick training in order to stimulate your dogs brain and build the bond between the two of you. This is a six week course for dogs five months and older.

Pre-requisite: Obedience 101

Upcoming classes: $220


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