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Creekside Canine offers a variety of group classes ranging from basic obedience to fun and games. Classes are held once a week and are purposefully kept small to insure plenty of individual attention.

PUPPY SOCIAL: This four week class will serve as an opportunity for puppies 14 to 18 weeks to build socail skills and work on confidence building. They will be introduced to stimuli that will prepare themfor the real world and get to interact with puppies, older dogs, and people.

Upcoming classes: $200



OBEDIENCE 101: This is a basic course covering obedience fundamentals. The class will cover: Loose leash walk, place command, sit stay, leave it, and down stay. This is a six week program and is for dogs five months and older.

Upcoming classes: $300 (collar included)

Tuesday September 5th @ 7:00pm

Sunday September 24th @ 11:30am


OBEDIENCE 102: This intermediate course takes the information learned in Obedience 101 and advances it applying the concept of the "3 D's (distance, duration and distraction). In this class the recall or "coming when called" will be introduced as we all real world application. This is a six week program for dogs six months and older.

Pre-requisite: Obedience 101Puppy Kindergarten, or trainer approval



TRICKS AND TREATS: In this class you will have the opportunity to explore fun enrichment activities such as agility, trick training, and toy play in order to stimulate your dogs brain and build the bond between the two of you. This is a six week course for dogs five months and older.


Pre-requisite: Obedience 101, Puppy Kindergarten or trainer approval

Upcoming classes: $350


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