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It is a common misconception that puppies can't start training until they are older. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Early intervention, in a safe environment, can mean all the difference when it comes to your puppies' future and your relationship with them. Puppy Kindergarten is our day training programs specifically designed by trained professionals for puppies in the early stages of life. 

Why Day Training?

In a day training program your puppy will spend the day with us completely emerced in a training and social environment. For owners, this can seem intimidating at first, but from years of experience, we find the day training environment highly benefical to young puppies and owners alike.


  • Your puppy will be exposed to new places, new people, and new experiences at the most formative stages of their life.

  • They will have opportunities to socilize with a variaty of different dogs.

  • They will grow confident and independent away from Mom, Dad, and older companion dogs.​

  • We will be able to work to reinforce important fundamentals such as crate training and potty training.

  • It will assist owners in setting up proper boundaries and establishing a healthy relationship with their puppy right away.

*For puppies 12-16 weeks check out our Puppy Pre-k group class.


This all inclusive four week program is specifically designed for puppies 16-26 weeks. It is not required that your dog enroll in Puppy Pre-K to sign up for this program, but Puppy Kindergarten will pick up where Puppy Pre-K leaves off. Puppy Kindergarten is designed to take your puppies early development to the next level of learning. It will equip them with the crucial social and communication skills needed to grow into a confident young adult, able to interact appropriately with people and dogs alike. It will introduce important obedience fundamentals, preparing both you and your dog for the transition into 


* Like the Puppy Kindergarten format, but your puppy is too young?
Ask about our Jumpstart program.

To register for Puppy Kindergarten please schedule your Puppy Kindergarten Meet & Greet. This can be scheduled in person or over the phone. Once we have held the Meet and Greet we will collect your down payment and you will be provided with a link to complete registration. Please note your spot is NOT reserved until you have registered via the link and paid your down payment.

2024 Start Dates:

March 18th
April 22nd
May 28th
July 8th
August 12th
September 16th
October 21st
November 18th (closed 11/28-11/29)


Puppy Kindergarten

For your puppy:
  • Your puppy will gain useful social skills in a small group setting with other puppies.
  • Your puppy will learn the fundamentals of basic obedience (Engagement, Place, Leash skills, Beginner Recall). 
  • Your puppy will learn good household manners (puppy mouthing, leave it, no jump, proper greetings, etc.)
  • Your puppy will engage in confidence-building and social immersion exercises. 
  • Your puppy will have the opportunity to meet and work with multiple trainers and in various locations.
For you:
  • Four days per week Day-school attendance; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday for 16 days. That’s 16 days of specially-tailored training and fun socialization activities!
  • An in-person consultation prior to beginning the program. During which the head training will answer your questions and learn all about your needs and your dogs needs in order to build a personalized program for you and your puppy.
  • Progress reports sent by email each evening with homework assignments and handout instructions.
  • Access to a COMPLETE SET OF TRAINING VIDEOS so you can follow along and use as reference for homework. You will always have access to these videos, even after graduation.
  • A “"Check in" group class at the halfway mark to discuss your pup’s progress and answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing at home. 
  • A group “Go Home” lesson upon completing the course
  • 10% off future University training programs when scheduled within two weeks after graduation. 
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