Our Goal

The relationship between you and your dog is a very special thing and we understand how important it is. Our goal is to strengthen that relationship by helping you properly communicate with your dog. Once you and your dog are speaking the same language the connection between the two of you will be healthier and therefore much happier.

Our Methods

At Creekside we practice reward based balanced training methods. This means we practice science based training. We believe in using food based positive reinforcement and praise. But we also believe in holding our dogs accountable by saying no and providing the structure our dogs crave. Everything we do is based off of operant and classical conditioning and learning process. We find we get the best results when using both ends of the spectrum. This way we teach our dogs what is appropriate and inappropriate and help them learn how to make the right choices. By doing so we help dogs and owners develop a healthy and well-balanced relationship that is positive for both dog and owner alike. As balanced trainers we are trained to use a variety of different training tools. It is our job to match your dog to the appropriate tool and teach you how to properly use them.We believe in providing clients all the training options available to them, but we do not require clients to use any specific training tools. We make what we feel is the best recommendation and then will help you decide what is right for you.

Your Part


It is important to remember that the success of any training program depends on the work done on the owners end. Regardless of what type of training you choose, you will need to put the work in at home. Creekside is committed to making sure you are properly educated and have all the tools needed to transfer the information home. From there it will be up to you to maintain what you and your dog have learned.


Remember training is most successful when it becomes a lifestyle.