Canine University is Creekside’s unique solution to help clients who struggle with aspects of the more standard overnight board-and-train program. Since its founding, Creekside has offered traditional board-and-train services with great success.  However, over the years, we have found that some clients struggle with certain aspects of the program. It’s great to have a trainer work one-on-one with your dog for an extended amount of time, but the sheer volume of the information you receive at the end of the program can be overwhelming to some and the ability to transfer this information to your home and everyday life can be a real challenge. Along with our very popular Puppy Programs, Creekside’s Canine University offers two training tracks for adult dogs as another option to the traditional board-and-train programs. And the best part - your dog will go home with you each evening instead of being gone for 3-4 weeks!
Your dog’s entire day is a controlled training experience, optimizing their time with us, in order to see the fastest and most effective results.