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Family Training

 After years of working with children and teens in after school and theater programs, Sarah, owner of Creekside, specializes in teaching young people how to properly interact and communicate with dogs. Sarah will work with families of all shapes and sizes to troubleshoot and find solutions in order to create a home environment that is happy and healthy for both dog and humans alike.


Family Problem Solving Session- Sarah will work with your entire family on any needed areas of focus regarding your in home family dynamic. 

Sixty minutes $150

Family Training Session- Sarah will teach the entire family how to maintain the training the dog has learned through previous or current training program. The length of this program will be determined by how many people are needing hands on time with the dog.

Sixty minutes $150, Ninety minutes $200

Focus Session- Sarah will work with an individual family member on one specific area.

Thirty minutes $60

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