Creekside’s board and train program is our most popular and effective training option.  The board and train program is unique to Creekside focusing on both socialization and obedience. All board and trains stay at Creekside’s partner facility K9 Camp. K9 Camp is a crate free day care and boarding facility. During the day your dog will get to socialize with the day care pack. Creekside trainers will pull your dog for training sessions throughout the day. In the evening your dog will stay in the boarding room with the overnight staff. This room is set up like a living room so that your dog can work on their in-home skills. Then it’s lights out and time to rest up for the next day of training and social work. 
Your dog’s entire stay is a controlled training experience, optimizing their time with us, in order to see the fastest and most effective results. 


Board and Train Programs


Two Week (14 day) Basic Obedience Intensive:


This 14 day bootcamp style program focuses on teaching your dog the fundamentals of general obedience training while preparing them to be polite well-mannered members of your family.


  • Leash Skills: Your dog will go home with a full understanding of a proper heel.


  • Stays: Your dog will learn how to perform and maintain a sit stay and a down stay.


  • Place command: Your dog will learn a proper boundary stay to help with in home behaviors and maintaining a relaxed mindset.


  • Recall: Your dog will learn the early stages of “coming when called.”


  • General Manners: Your dog will master problem behaviors like jumping, barking, hyper activity, mouthing, and biting.


  •  Real world application: Your dog will get to master their skills in the real world on training field trips in Downtown Fredrick, Baker Park, and Home Depot.


  • Social Skills: You dog will spend time socializing with dogs of various ages, breeds, and temperaments in a controlled and supervised environment.

  • Go home lesson: When you pick up on 14th day you will have a detailed lesson in order to insure a easy transition home. You will also leave with a go home packet and a flash drive with videos of your dogs learning process.

  • Two private lessons to help make sure your dogs transition home is going smoothly.


Three Week (21day) Advanced Obedience Intensive:


This 21 day obedience bootcamp will teach your dog all the skills learned in the two-week program but at a more advanced level focusing on applying distance, duration, and distraction to all skills. In this program we will also introduce off-leash training to all dogs using an e-collar.

  • Advanced Obedience Training: Heeling, recall, sit/down stay, place command

  • Advanced In-home manners: Strong focus on structure and routine in the home

  • Advanced real-world application: Dailey work in real world settings building your dog’s ability to focus under the pressure of real-world distraction


Customized Brush-up Packages:


Going away for the weekend? Want to polish your dogs existing skills or have them learn something new while your away?  Creekside offers customized brush-up packages for all clients who have already undergone some form of initial training.

*All dogs attending a Creekside board and train program must first pass an evaluation process to determine their eligibility. 


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