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Four Hour PrivatePackage: $400

Six Hour Private Package: $600

Eight Hour Private Package: $800

Package size is determined during your free training consult. They are customized specifically for the individual dog. Length of sessions will vary depending on the dog and activity.

Group Training Packages

Individual group classes are $200 for a six week course.

Half and Half Package: $435

Three hours of private lessons ($275) + one group ($160) SAVE $45

Obedience Group Package:$320

Basic Group Class ($160) + Intermediate Group Class ($160)

SAVE $40

Fun and Games Group Package: $320

Basic Group Class ($160) + Fun and Games Class ($160)

SAVE $40

Puppy Kindergarten


  • 16 days in facility training

  • One on one session with a trainer

  • Group session

  • Access to training handouts, homework, and videos

*Once registered for Puppy K additional 30min privates can be added for $30 at any point before or during the program.

Board & Train Packages

2 Week Obedience Package: 14 day stay with a focus on basic obedience skills. Dogs will leave with the fundamental understanding of heeling, sit stay, down stay, place stay, recall and basic in home manners. This package is ideal for any average mannered dog. $2000 

3 Week Intensive Package: 21 day stay with a focus on advanced obedience. Dogs will master heeling, sit stay, down stay, place stay, recall, and in home manners at more advanced levels, as well as focusing on any mild behavioral issues. This package is ideal for the more difficult dog. $2800

1 Week Brush Up: Send your pup for a 7 day stay to brush up and reinforce any past training. Or, select two new obedience goals to be mastered during their stay. Ideal for when you are going away on vacation. $1000

Customized Package: Trainers will customize a board and train package to focus on the specific needs of your individual dog. This is ideal for dogs who already have an obedience foundation or require extensive behavioral training.

Private Training Packages

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Private Training





Group Lessons


Board and Train




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