Creeksides Canine Uninversity


General Obedience Intensive

In this program, your dog will get dropped off daily at our location to work one-on-one with a trainer all day, five days a week.  You will also be an active part of the process. You will be brought up-to-speed by receiving daily updates, handouts, and videos about what we have been working on, allowing you to learn at home while your dog learns with us. At the end of each week, you will get a private lesson with a trainer as well as a 90-minute lesson at graduation and a 45-minute private lesson a week later. Along with training, they will participate in enrichment activities and go for “leisure walks.” When not working, they will be resting in our spacious and comfortable training suites.
  • Leash Skills: Your dog will go home with a full understanding of a proper heel
  • Stays: Your dog will learn how to perform and maintain a sit stay and a down stay.
  • Place command: Your dog will learn a proper boundary stay to help with in-home behaviors and maintaining a relaxed mindset.
  • Recall: Your dog will learn to come when called.
  • General Manners: We will address problem behaviors like jumping, barking, hyperactivity, mouthing, and biting.
  • Real-world application: Your dog will get to master their skills in the real world by going on training field trips. 
  • Enrichment: Your dog will enjoy enrichment activities to boost confidence and keep them thinking
  • Each day you will go home with a binder complete with customized updates and instructions on what your dog has been working on that day.
  • Each handout will also have a companion video for you to reference.
  • You will have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with others enrolled in the program.
  • You will have access to a personalized text chain with your dog’s trainers.
  • One-on-one daily review with a trainer at pick up.
  • A midweek “check-in” lesson with a trainer
  • At the completion of the program, you will have a 90-minute “go-home” lesson.
  • One week after the completion of the program you will have a final 45-minute “check-in” lesson. This can be held at your home, the facility, or downtown Frederick.
Honors Program: 14-day program $2000)
This is the perfect kickstart to your dog’s education. In the two-week program your dog will gain a fundamental understanding of all the above skills and begin the process of committing all that information to muscle memory.  Towards the end of the program, they will begin receiving real-world application of said skills. 
Advanced Placement: 21-day program- This our most recommended program $2850
The three-week program will cover the same information as the two-week, but it will challenge your dog further. The length of this program allows you and the trainers the time to help your dog gain a more concrete understanding of the information, which allows them to further the process of committing that information to muscle memory. In this program your dog will also experience increased real-world applications and get to float in and out of group classes when appropriate. As a result, this is our most popular and recommended program.
College Prep: 21-day program + Advanced Group Class-$2950 (50% off group class)
Upon completion of the Advanced Placement program, you and your dog will enroll in our Advanced Group class in order to gain real-world experience together.
Extra Credit: 2 days per week- $250
After completing one of the previous programs, you will be eligible to enroll your dog for extra credit to brush up their skills at any point.
Bundles: You will receive 15% off on all bundled packages.
Bundle 101: Puppy Kindergarten + Honors Program-$2465 (save $435)
Bundle 102: Puppy Kindergarten + Advanced Placement-$3187 (save $562)
Bundle 103: Puppy Kindergarten + College Prep-$3273 (save $577)