Creekside Group Classes

Want a dog that is a responsive and well-mannered member of your family? Sign up for Creekside's Group Obedience classes and that's what you'll get. Enroll in the six week basic obedience class and not only will you master loose leash walking, sit stays, down stays, and the "place" command, but you will leave with an improved understanding of how to communicate with your dog. Continue onto the Intermediate and Advanced courses and you and your dog will master distance stays, recall, and off leash skills. Start dates are listed below, contact Creekside today and take advantage of our package group deals. And don't forget to check out the video below to see what can be achieved with training from Creekside!

Group Class Start Dates:

Basic Group: Nov. 13th at 11:00

Basic Group: Nov. 17th at 6:30

Fun and Games: Nov. 13th at 12:30

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